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Elephant Riding

Elephant Riding in Chiang Mai

An elephant is a main symbol of Thailand, because these animals play an important role in everyday life of the Thais. It is not surprising that many tourists want to join the local culture and communicate with elephants during holidays in the Kingdom. Guests of Chiang Mai have a great opportunity not only to watch, but also to ride elephants and learn more about them at the Elephant Sanctuary. During Chiang Mai elephant tours you can see the way elephants of different ages and species live in their natural habitat and successfully cooperate with people.

Elephant Sanctuary history

Elephant Sanctuary is 60 kilometers far from Chiang Mai and is the largest elephant farm in the Northern Thailand. The farm is surrounded by wild jungles, so you will admire many beautiful landscapes during the tour. The sanctuary was built to protect and help sick or old elephants. The employees of the sanctuary take care of animals and carry out scientific research on their way of life. Money from the sale of entrance tickets and donations of visitors are spent on feeding the elephants, treating them and equipping their habitat. Any visitor can also work as a volunteer. Here you will learn a lot about these wise animals and try to take care of them.

Elephant Riding

On the farm you have a great opportunity not only to feed and give water to this cute creatures with water, but also to try elephant riding. The tour itinerary offers a large selection of travel routes of different durations.

Elephant Bathing

Elephant bathing is an interesting process. The drovers take elephants to a small lake, where elephants are happy to dip into the water. Elephants love bathing and little elephants can happily dip into the water with the whole body. Brave tourists can make a company of elephants and refresh themselves together.

Elephant Show

After swimming, all the elephants move to a special place for the elephant show. The show lasts about 30 minutes. During this period, the elephants show all their skills: they squat, bow, ring the bell, move loads and even draw a picture. Then the picture painted by the elephant can be bought for 500-1000 THB.

Volunteering at the Elephant Sanctuary

Here, anyone can learn more about the elephants and even get a training course on the communication with these intelligent animals. There are several itineraries which last for 1-3 days. They may include:

Communication with the elephant and training how to control it;

Meeting an elephant from the forest in the morning;

Bathing your elephant;

Taking part in the show program with your elephant.

Of course, you will get a lot of positive impressions after spending time with these amazing animals. You will remember this elephant tour for a long time!

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