Food in Chiang Mai

What to taste in Chiang Mai?

Food in Chiang Mai differs from the cuisine in the south or east of Thailand. The dishes of Northern Thailand are more influenced by cuisines of Myanmar and China with usage of less curry and more ginger with turmeric. Kau Nieu (sticky rice), instead of ordinary boiled rice, is the main element in every dish. Very spicy taste is also typical for northern cuisine. The choice of delicious dishes in Chiang Mai is very large, so we will list the top 5 dishes, which you should taste in Chiang Mai.

Sausages Sai Wa

Sausage in Northern style are made from a mixture of finely chopped pork, dried chili, garlic, shallots, herbs and hot spices. Then the sausage is fried on charcoal. Sai Wa is meaty and rich in herbal aromas dish with sharp notes.

Egg noodles with curry - Kau Soi

This savory yellowish curry soup is served with green onions, salted cabbage and a slice of lime. Fried egg noodles are added to the broth from chicken, pork, or beef. Usually one serving of this delicious dish is not enough, so better to order two servings!

Rice Noodles with Soy Curry - Khanom Chin Nam Nyeo

Khanom Chin is a popular northern dish made with curry noodles based on soy and pork and served with fresh vegetables and Kib Muu (crispy, fried pork skin), hot peppers, seasonings. The taste of this soup differs strongly from other coconut-rich Thai soups.

Jack Fruit Salad - Tam Eve

A refreshingly spicy and aromatic dish will awaken you immediately. Young, green jackfruit is pre-cooked until tender, then it is broken into small pieces and fried with dried garlic, shrimp paste (kapi) and various herbs. Try one spoon and rich sweet, sour, salty and spicy tastes will explode in your mouth.

Sticky Rice with Beans - Kau Nieo Ping

A local appetizer which can be bought at street tents or at the markets of Northern Thailand. Sticky rice is mixed with small beans, then filled with sweet coconut milk, wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed over the coals. Kau Nieo Ping is a light hearty breakfast or snack. It is better to try it warm.

These Thai dishes will broaden your horizons and discover new tastes for you. A great option to try exotic dishes and watch an amazing show is to book Food tour or Khantoke Dinner Chiang Mai and Show tour at our website. If you liked some Thai dishes so much, you can attend cooking classes to learn how to prepare this dish for your loved ones.

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