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Housing in Chiang Mai

Choosing housing in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a large city in the north of Thailand which is becoming increasingly popular among tourists. There are several different districts in Chiang Mai. Each district has its own characteristics, such as price for housing, availability of sights, cafes and shops. In our article we will tell you how to choose housing in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai districts

The Old City is in fact a square in the center of Chiang Mai which is very popular among tourists. There are a lot of guest houses, cafes, live music bars, temples and other sights. Noisy, but colorful Old City is the heart of Chiang Mai. If you come to Chiang Mai for a week or two, this district is a good place to stay.

Nimmanhaemin or Nimman Road is popular district among young travelers. Here you can find hotels, guest houses and condos, but prices are slightly higher. For example, one-bedroom apartments will cost 25 thousand THB per month, a studio will cost 16-18 thousand THB per month. Nimman is located to the west of the Old City, there are many interesting sights, cafes and restaurants. This district is also suitable for short term rental.

Chang Phueak is a district near the Maya shopping center with a large choice of inexpensive housing. The district also has good transport accessibility, the shopping center and Nimman Road are not far from here.

Suthep Road is a district next to the university. There are a lot of students and cheap housing here. But this district is very busy and noisy.

Mae Rim, San Sai and Hang Dong are popular districts with long-term rental houses. The price for houses starts from 15 thousand THB per month, but you will definitely need your own transport.

Housing types and prices in Chiang Mai

There is a large selection of different types of accommodation in Chiang Mai. Choosing where to stay in Chiang Mai you should pay attention to the features of each type.

A guesthouse is almost the same as a hotel, but it usually provides fewer services and the room will be smaller. There will definitely be a bed (or several beds), a shower and a toilet in a standard guesthouse room, but the rest of the furniture (wardrobe, chairs, cabinets, refrigerator, etc.) depends on the class of the guesthouse. A guesthouse room in Chiang Mai can be rented for 250-500 THB per night. If you stay for a long period (10-14 days), then the price can be 300 THB per day. For a month, a room in a guest house will cost 5-7 thousand THB.

A room in a guesthouse is suitable for one person or if you do not plan to spend a lot of time inside, for example, you will go sightseeing all day long or go to work in a co-working cafe.

The main advantages of guesthouses:

Electricity, water, Internet are included in the room price.

Most likely, the price will include cleaning and bed linen change.

You can find a cheap guesthouse in the center, in the district of the Old City.

If you come to Chiang Mai for a long time, you can rent a house. Features of renting houses in Chiang Mai:

Houses are rented only for a long term - from 6 months or from 1 year.

Most of the houses are located either outside the city or in the airport area.

Houses can be located in a cottage village with a swimming pool, gym, small shops and cafes. There may be kindergartens and schools for children, but houses in the villages are more expensive.

The average price for renting a house in Chiang Mai is 8-15 thousand THB per month.

A condo is an apartment in a condominium. A condominium usually has its own swimming pool, gym, cafe, recreation area, laundry and other services. In Chiang Mai all apartments in condominium often belong to the same owner and are designed in the same style. There is usually a reception on the ground floor where you can find out about the available condos, sign a contract or pay for additional services. Using the swimming pool and gym in the condo can be free for residents or for an additional fee.

A room usually has a bed, a table, a chair, a wardrobe, maybe a sofa, a refrigerator, sometimes there is a kettle and a microwave. A condo without a kitchen can be rented for 4-7 thousand THB per month. Apartments with kitchen can be as a studio (room connected with kitchen) or one-two-bedroom (kitchen + separate rooms). The average price for studios is 7-10 thousand THB per month, the price for full-room one-room apartments is about 9-15 thousand THB per month.

Features of housing rental in Chiang Mai

The cost of renting depends on the season. At the peak of the season (December - January) it is not easy to find housing and prices are higher in this period. In April, May and June prices are falling, the choice of housing is large.

The monthly rental price is lower when the rental period is longer.

Prices for housing are the most favorable when renting period is 1 year or more.

Except the rent price be ready to pay about 1,200 THB per month. This is a fee for electricity, water, parking, internet (and in some places you have to pay separately for the pool and the gym).

Good location will help you to save money and time (for example, food can be more expensive in the city center)

As you can see, there is a large choice of housing in Chiang Mai. Everyone can find apartment for their needs and budget here and spend unforgettable vacation!

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