How to behave in Chiang Mai?

How to behave in Chiang Mai?

Chiang Mai is located in the northern Thailand near the border with Laos and Burma. It is the second largest city in the country, after Bangkok. There is no sea that is why Chiang Mai is much less popular among tourists than other regions of Thailand. Chiang Mai can be called the cultural capital of Thailand because of numerous royal temples, parks and residences, frequent festivals, exhibitions and other cultural events located here. Be sure that everyone will always find what to do in Chiang Mai. Nevertheless, Chiang Mai is a city in another country with its own laws and customs which everyone should consider. In our article we will tell you how to behave and what not to do in Chiang Mai.

Tips for travelers

· It is better to go sightseeing in the morning. In the afternoon in Chang May it can be very hot, so a walk around the city may not be the most pleasant entertainment.

· In order to mitigate the unpleasant period of acclimatization, tourists should drink only purified bottled water.

· When planning to go shopping take care about sufficient amount of national currency. Of course, in some stores and markets US dollars and Euros are also accepted for payment. Experienced travelers recommend to have several types of currency with you, so that to determine the most profitable payment method. Going to the market, it is better to take with you more bills and coins of small denomination, so it will be easier to settle accounts with sellers.

· The Thais are very calm and friendly. Travelers are treated with great respect here. In public places you need to behave quietly and calmly, a stormy manifestation of emotions will be considered as the main sign of bad manners.

· Don’t go for a walk around the city in a beach dress.Swimwear and short skirts will be appropriate only on the coast. A good decision will be to wear clothes made from natural cotton or silk.

· You should not buy jewelry in local markets, there is a very high risk to purchase a fake. Those who want to bring jewelry from vacation should definitely visit the Gems Gallery.

These useful tips will help you to spend an unforgettable vacation in the Northern capital. Chiang Mai is a wonderful and friendly city with a lot of attractions and entertainments, so you would definitely like to come back here again.

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