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How to get to Chiang Mai

Getting to Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the cultural center of Thailand so the transport communication is well developed in this direction. The resort has its own airport, which receives flights from Thai cities (Bangkok, Pattaya, Samui and others) and some Asian countries such as Singapore, Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong and others. In our article we will tell how to get to Chiang Mai from popular Thai resorts.

Getting to Chiang Mai from Bangkok

The most comfortable way to get to Chiang Mai is by plane because the flight takes only one hour. There are more than 25 flights from Bangkok daily, the ticket costs 1,500-2,000 THB.

If you don’t know how to get to Chiang Mai from Bangkok except planes, you can take a bus at the Mochit Bus Station. The travel takes about 9-10 hours, so it is better to choose an evening trip so that to get to the place early in the morning. There are several classes of buses: VIP, First and Second, which differ in the number of seats. As the length of the buses is the same, the smaller number of seats means more comfortable trip.

All VIP buses depart either in the evening or in the morning and make only 2-3 short stops for 10-15 minutes. Tickets are available at 680 - 900 THB.

Ticket price for 1st class buses is about 530-550 THB.

Ticket price for 2nd class buses is 400 THB.

The buses to Chiang Mai also leave from Khao San Road. The fare is around 500-700 THB.

One more option to get to the resort from the capital is travelling by train. The trip will take 11.5-14 hours. Ticket price starts from 270 - 1500 THB.

Getting to Chiang Mai from Phuket

How to get to Chiang Mai from Phuket by bus? The bus to Chiang Mai runs once a day. The journey will take 24 hours, the fare is 1500 THB. You can also get to Mochit Bus Station (all buses make a stop there) and then take a bus to Chiang Mai.

Getting to Chiang Mai from Pattaya

Tourists can travel by bus from Pattaya Bus Station to Bangkok Station and get a transfer to Chiang Mai.

How to get to Chiang Mai from Pattaya without transfers? Direct buses of the private transport companies leave from the intersection of Central Street and Sukhumvit Road. Ticket price is around 750 THB. Since this direction is quite popular, it is better to book tickets in advance.

Of course, tourists can choose way of travelling which is the most comfortable to them. But experienced travelers v your trips and book tickets in advance. Thus you can choose the most convenient seats and possibly save some money.

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