Interesting facts about Chiang Mai

Interesting facts about the Northern capital

Chiang Mai is the city, which opens Thailand from another side. If you have been to Phuket or Pattaya before, then Chiang Mai would seem to you the city from another country. There are lower prices, no sea, colder weather and a lot of coffee, so it's hard to believe that this is Thailand. Read more interesting facts about Chiang Mai.

Student City

Chiang Mai University is one of the largest universities in Thailand. Student campus occupies almost a quarter of the city!

It is cold here!

It is cold in Chiang Mai in comparison with the south of the country. The average minimum temperature in January is about 14 degrees. The maximum temperature in April is 36 degrees. It can be quite cold here at night, so take warm clothes with you. One of the top facts about Chiang Mai is that in 1955 it even snowed not far from the city!

Mountain and waterfalls

Doi Inthanon is the highest mountain peak (altitude about 2500 meters) in Thailand, which is situated about 90 kilometers from Chiang Mai. Doi Inthanon International Park is also famous for its 7 wonderful waterfalls.

Distinctive tribes

There are many distinctive tribes not far from Chiang Mai. The Karen tribe is one of the most famous tribes among tourists, as women with long necks or large ears are considered the ideal of female beauty there. From childhood, girls put on a heated copper tube and twist it around the neck.

Pandas in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Zoo covers an area of about 200 acres of land! Several thousand animals live here, including pandas.

Old city

One of the most famous stories about Chiang Mai is that the city was founded in the 13th century and the name of the city is translated as "new fortress". Prince Mengrai made the city the capital of the Lannathai kingdom after the victory over the enemies and built a wall around the city to protect it.

Capital of temples

Chiang Mai can be considered the capital of temples as there are about 300 of them here. Even if you are not interested in Buddhist architecture, you should definitely visit some of these temples, such as Silver Temple Wat Sri Suphan or Tunnel Temple Wat Umong.

Coffee everywhere

Chiang Mai is a paradise for coffee lovers. Small coffee houses can be found every 100 meters here.

Special dish

Do not forget to try the special dish of this province - Chiang Mai sausages. They can be found in many street tents and cafes of the city and cost about 30 THB per serving. Many tourists find the Chiang Mai sausages tasty but too hot!

In addition to the mentioned interesting places, the city also has an aquarium, elephant farms and parks, transvestite shows, Thai boxing fights, a museum of insects and natural wonders, a huge Royal Flora Rajapruek, 3D museum, shopping centers and many other wonderful places. Be sure, here you will get a lot of positive impressions!

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