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Kiyora Spa & Massage in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Kiyora Spa & Massage in Chiang Mai

Welcome to oasis for your body

Kiyora Spa is an oasis in the very heart of the city where you can relax in the atmosphere of absolute calmness and solitude.

Kiyora Spa therapists combine traditional Thai massage with the techniques of western medicine.

There are quite many medical conditions for having Thai massage and other treatments with the usage of various Thai massage techniques:

- sleep problems,

- hypodynamic lifestyle,

- muscle and back pains,

- headaches, etc.

Traditional Thai massage with yoga elements is an excellent way to get rid of chronic fatigue and depressing thoughts. When getting a Thai massage you will be wearing special clothes made of natural fabric which are usually given at spa salons. Oils are not used during Thai massage.

The masseuse (Thai massage therapists are often women) employs various parts of her body to leave your lithe and limber. She will dig her stout thumbs hard into your palm, roll her forearms on both of your shoulders, and press her knees against your hamstrings as you lie on your back.

You will feel the positive effect of Thai massage on your body just after the first session. A number of regular sessions will increase the effect. Spa treatments will give you energy and absolute harmony.


Choose a pre-made package or make your own

Service Duration Price, THB
Soothe 'N' Bliss (traditional Thai massage, warm herbal compresses, aromatherapy massage and a scalp massage) 120 mins 2200
Lanna Traditions (traditional therapeutic remedies with this phenomenal Lanna-style package) 120 mins 1900
Thai Inspired (a gentle massage and reflexology of the feet, traditional Thai massage, herbal compresses) 150 mins 2450
One for the Fellows (foot reflexology treatment, warm deep tissue massage accustomed, aromatherapy and scalp massage) 150 mins 2750
The Miracle of Kiyora (body scrub and body wrap, aromatherapy massage) 150 mins 3450
Kiyora Delight (body Scrub treatment, aromatherapy massage for a far-reaching relaxation experience, Kiyora GLOW facial) 150 mins 3250
Hot Stone Healing (a mind-blowing relaxation journey starting with an amazing foot massage, then the treatment is gradually integrated with the incredible sensations from a hot stone massage, a delicate scalp massage) 150 mins 3350
Escape from the City (deep cleansing and hydration from the unwind body scrub, hot stone massage, a Kiyora GLOW facial massage) 180 mins 4150
Firm 'N' Tone (the breakdown cellulite scrub and wrap combo, Swedish massage with the body tone essential oil, a luxurious Kiyora GLOW facial. 210 mins 4350
Wellbeing 240 (a deep cleanser body scrub, a herbal compress Thai massage, aromatherapy massage, a Kiyora GLOW facial 240 mins 4500
Spa-cation (traditional Thai massage, body scrub and wrap combo, a sumptuous snack, Swedish massage, GLOW facial) 270 mins 5300
Traditional Thai Massage 90 mins 1000
Herbal Compress Thai Massage 60 mins 1500
Thai-Yoga Massage 120 mins 1900
Head, Back & Shoulders 60 mins 900
Foot Reflexology 60 mins 800
Aromatherapy Massage 60 mins 1200
Hot Stone Massage 90 mins 2300
Swedish Massage 60 mins 1400
Deep Tissue Massage 90 mins 1900
Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage 60 mins 1200
Hydration (Dead Sea Mud) scrub 60 mins 1200
Firm ‘N’ Tone (Chocolate) scrub 60 mins 1200

* You can see the full list of services at the spa salon.

Working hours:

10:00 - 22:00.

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Location Kiyora Spa & Massage in Chiang Mai

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