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Srimantra Spa Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Srimantra Spa in Chiang Mai

Relax in the cave

Srimantra Spa provides a spectrum of services which combine modern technologies for healing treatments and ancient traditions of various Thai massage techniques. The concept of Srimantra spa salon is hidden in its name. Srimantra means “wisdom of well-being” in Pali language. After the spa treatments you will feel absolute lightness in your body. Beside massage, you will be offered facial and body treatments which will make your skin smooth and beautiful.

The atmosphere in Srimantra Spa is absolutely relaxing. The interior of the spa salon is designed in the style of a cosy cave surrounded by the nature. Devote some time to yourselves and visit Srimantra Spa. The nice interior and professional therapists will make your spa experience unforgettable.


Service Duration Price, THB
Face youth extend 60 mins 1400
Body scrub 60 mins 1000
Body wrap 60 mins 1000
Hydrotherapy (Thai herbal steam or milky bath) 30 mins 800
Srimantra Lanna Wisdom package (herbal steam, Lanna Thai massage and herbal hot compress) 120 mins 2000
Srimantra Brighten Chiang Mai ("The Crystal" body scrub, milky bath and aromatherapy oil massage) 120 mins 2400
Body Essential (herbal steam, "The Crystal" body scrub and aromatherapy oil massage) 120 mins 2600
Sweet Roses Package (5 flowers body scrub, milky bath and aroma (rose) candle massage) 120 mins 2800
Garden Herbal Package (herbal steam, herbal body Scrub, Plai oil massage and herbal hot compress) 180 mins 3000
Srimantra Paradise Package ("The Crystal" body scrub, reflexology , aromatherapy oil massage and facial treatment) 180 mins 3400
Srimantra East Meet West Package (body scrub, body wrap, milky bath, Lanna Thai massage and aromatherapy oil massage) 240 mins 3800
Srimantra Re-Energizing Package (herbal steam, body scrub, milky bath, element oil massage and facial treatment) 240 mins 4200
Honeymoon Package for 2 persons (milky bath ,Reflexology, Lanna Thai Massage, Aromatherapy Oil Massage and Facial Treatment ) 240 mins 7400
Treasure of Srimantra Package (herbal steam, body scrub, milky bath, reflexology, Lanna Thai massage, signature massage and face massage) 300 mins 5400
Srimantra Magic Touch Package (reflexology, aromatherapy oil & head massage) 150 mins 1800
Srimantra Shinning Day Package (reflexology, aromatherapy oil & herbal hot compress) 150 mins 2000
Deluxe Facial Treatment Optimal Glow 90 mins 3530
Srimantra Simple Bliss Package (reflexology , Lanna Thai & head massage) 120 mins 1200
Deluxe Facial Treatment Ultimate Lift 90 mins 4120
Head Massage 45 mins 600
Traditional Lanna Thai Massage 60 mins 600
Back, Shoulder, Head Massage 60 mins 600
Thai Reflexology and Relaxation Foot Massage 60 mins 800
Hot Virgin Coconut Oil Massage 60 mins 1200
Aromatherapy Oil Massage 60 mins 1000
Aroma Candle Massage 60 mins 1400

Working hours:

10:00 a.m. - 22:00 p.m.

Please arrive at spa 15 minutes before your appointment to prepare yourself for the treatment. Moreover, late for 15 minutes, booking is subject for cancellation.

Location Srimantra Spa in Chiang Mai

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