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Prices in Chiang Mai

Prices for food, clothes and souvenirs in Chiang Mai

The northern capital of the Kingdom has several advantages in comparison with other resorts of Thailand. For example, the rest in the city is cheaper. Tourists with any income will feel great here. Chiang Mai is often chosen for vacation due to affordable housing and food prices. In our article we will tell you about prices in Chiang Mai, so that you can plan your budget before your trip.

Food prices in Chiang Mai

As in any Thai resort, street food is much cheaper than in popular tourists cafes. If you like Thai dishes, you can try them at street tents for such prices: soup - 25-35 baht, rice - 20 baht, French fries - 25 baht, drink - 10-15 baht and ice cream - 10 baht. Of course, this is not the whole list of dishes offered. You can also order fish or meat cooked in Thai style. In tourist cafes, prices for dishes are higher: steak - from 90 baht, pasta - from 100 baht, salads - from 90 baht, ice cream - 80 baht, fruit dessert - 75 baht.

A large selection of national dishes is offered at Thai markets. There you can buy everything you need from fresh vegetables and fruits to cooked dishes. Markets prices in Chiang Mai are the lowest, that is why such places are very popular among the locals and tourists. Remember that the merchants at the markets can inflate the prices, but you can bargain with them and buy goods much cheaper.

Prices for clothes in Chiang Mai

Clothing in Chiang Mai, as in other Thai resorts, is inexpensive on the local markets. You can buy summer T-shirt or shorts for 150-200 baht. Light dresses or sundresses cost 300 baht. Prices for swimwear and swimming trunks start from 150 baht. The choice of things on the markets is great. If you want to buy expensive brands you can visit local shopping centers, prices in stores of Chiang Mai don’t differ from boutiques in other countries.

Prices for souvenirs in Chiang Mai

Experienced travelers advice to buy such souvenirs as magnets, trinkets, religious products, balms, soap, Thai cosmetics at the markets. Prices for magnets start from 20-30 baht. If you are interested in unusual souvenirs and gifts, you can visit Sabu-Sabu Natural Life Style Store where you can buy unique handmade cosmetic and perfume made from natural ingredients. High-quality jewelry from manufacturers can be bought at Gems Gallery Chiang Mai. Prices for jewelry are quite acceptable here and start from 1000-2000 baht.

Chiang Mai is an ideal city for vacation with a lot of interesting sights, tasty dishes and different attractions. As you can see, prices here are affordable, so you can spend here a great time even with a small budget!

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