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Do you have a great desire to learn about new places in Thailand, but you don’t have much time? Two- and three-day tours are exactly what you need! They are very popular among travelers, in a short time you will be able to see a lot. You will have a lot to tell and remember about your journey.

During two or three days you can get lost in the deep jungles and enjoy absolutely unusual landscapes and the silence which is broken only by the sounds of nature. Or you can choose extreme tours and go on and active holiday or learn something new.

Price List for tours in Chiang Mai
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In Chiang Mai, there is a successful Thai Oasis Spa School, in which Thai massage techniques are regularly taught.
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There is a big choice of ATV tour options including hiking to the waterfall, rafting or zipline with different levels of difficulty.
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Here you will find a half-day, a one, two, or three-day tours, and even a 1 week volunteering in the elephant wildlife sanctuary.
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On this page you can see the options for rafting tours in combination with quad biking, zipline or hiking to the waterfall.
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Trekking in the north of Thailand is one of the most popular entertainments.
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Two- and Three-Day Tours in Chiang Mai

Two- and Three-Day Tours around Chiang Mai mean visiting new sights of the city, going on new adventures and getting new experience.

Chiang Mai is a city full of surprises. It has a lot to offer to its guests and amaze them. Let’s open up the mysteries of this city. Here you can immerse yourselves in the energetic rhythm of the big city or get lost in the depth of the jungles for a couple of days, enjoy unique landscapes and the silence which is broken only by the sounds of nature. You can also choose extreme tours and spend your holidays actively or learn something new.

Chiang Mai Elephant Tour will teach you how to take care of elephants. If you choose rafting, you will easily float down the mountain rivers of Chiang Mai.

In a massage school you will learn the secrets of massage therapy.

Two- and Three-Day Tours in Chiang Mai are different with its difficulty and length of the routes. Walks to the waterfalls, zipline or ATV adventure. We also offer Chiang Mai Trekking Tour which will show you all the beautiful places and nooks of the city and its environs.

Enjoy extreme riding in the jungle with Chiang Mai Tour.

Every traveler definitely must visit Chiang Mai. There are unique temples and historical sights surrounded by incredible nature. You just have to see this city and feel its magnificence.

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