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Chiang Mai Cooking Class

Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Cooking School Chiang Mai

For those who are exploring Chiang Mai, and wish to try something new and learn how to professionally prepare Thai delicacies, there is a wonderful Cooking School with a free choice of dishes and even a vegetarian menu. Thai cuisine is popular all over the world, and now more and more tourists want to create these culinary masterpieces themselves using exotic recipes, and surprise their guests and loved ones with extraordinary flavors. Wouldn’t you agree with the thought, that in the middle of a long and cold winter, it will be extremely pleasant to pamper yourself with exquisite tastes of tropical Thailand?

Just in the distance of a 20-minute drive from the city, there is a farm, which occupies 1.6 acres of land. That is where, in an ecologically-clean environment, the crops from which we will cook our delicious dishes grow.

During our master class, you will learn not only the peculiarities of cooking local plants but also some secrets of growing them. You will walk around the farm and receive a photo album as a gift. The garden has been created with love for inquisitive guests who want to learn Thai culture and traditions, that’s why everyone who comes here feels at home. Plants that grow in this garden also have healing properties that positively affect the immune, cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, and excretory systems.

Four options of programs are presented to your attention on this page, they differ by the place and the duration of the tours.


You can cook 6 dishes from 6 categories:

1. Salad: spicy chicken salad, papaya salad, glassnoodle salad.

2. Stir fried: pad thai, pad see uw, hot basil stir fried, cashewnut with chicken.

3. Soup: coconut milk soup, tom yum, tom sab.

4. Curry paste: red, green, massaman, panang, khaw soi.

5. Curry: red curry, green curry, massaman curry, panang curry, khaw soi.

6. Dessert: deep fried banana, banana in coconut milk, sticky rice with mango.

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Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School

Chiang Mai Cooking Class

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