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Chiang Mai Elephant Tour

Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Elephant sanctuary Сhiang Mai

Would you like to spend a whole day with elephants in their natural habitat? Wouldn’t it be exciting to feed them, give them water, bathe them, play with them and take care of them? Come and see how they live, communicate with each other and ask for food in their funny manner. Here you will find a half-day, a one, two, or three-day tours, and even a 1-week volunteering in the elephant wildlife sanctuary.

Only imagine, you are brought to a cozy farm amidst the jungle, you change your clothes into traditional comfortable costume and spend time with these noble animals. It's so great to feel yourself in a role of a little elephant's parent, to take care of it, bring food, bathe it, pat its ears, and, of course, make some unique photos.

You will also learn a lot of interesting facts about their birth, growing up and nutrition, and about how to take care of elephants.

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Chiang Mai Elephant Tour


Chiang Mai Elephant Tours

What to bring with you:

- hat;

- towel;

- bathing suit;

- walking shoes;

- sunscreen;

- change of clothes and under wear;

- insect repellent.

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