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Chiang Mai Massage School

Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Thai Massage School Chiang Mai

Thai massage has a unique healing effect on the body. It improves muscle tone and removes muscle tension and knots, filling the body with pure energy. It feels like as if a person is reborn and gained new lightness and flexibility.

However, it is easy now to master Thai traditional massage. In Chiang Mai, there is a successful Thai Oasis Spa School, in which Thai massage techniques are regularly taught. To your attention, we bring 16 program options, which differ by the number of hours. You can see them in the chart below. They include Thai traditional massage, aromatherapy, foot massage, face and body care, scrub, wraps and other.

Training programs are accredited by the Ministry of Education of Thailand and approved by its Ministry of Health. Oasis Spa School is one of the most famous schools in Thailand, it has been awarded for its outstanding qualities. The school actively supports the training of foreign students in Thai massage and spa treatments and provides a wide range of comprehensive programs for beginners, as well as for professional employees in the field of Spa therapy. Experienced instructors teach students the theoretical and practical aspects of the course.

Today, more than 2,000 students from around the world are mastering the art of Thai massage in Thai Oasis Spa school. Join them and learn how to give health, youth, and beauty to people!

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Chiang Mai Massage School

Chiang Mai Massage School

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