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Chiang Mai River Cruise

Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Chiang Mai Dinner Cruise

Arrange a romantic evening for your loved ones and yourself. Book a cruise on a Thai national boat with a gorgeous dinner and enjoy sailing down the Mae Ping River. Even someone with the most delicate taste for food will take a delight in the exotic Thai dishes. At the same time, beautiful landscapes on both banks of the river will be leisurely floating by in front of your eyes.

Choose the right cruise to fit your taste. Cruises are held daily, except for major Thai holidays. There are one-hour, and two-hour offers with lunch or dinner in the afternoon and in the evening.

There are also programs with a visit to a traditional farmhouse "Thai Farmer’s house", an agricultural museum, and to a farm where you can learn how people live, farm and grow rice in Chiang Mai. In the restaurant there, we will taste delicious local food made from organic ingredients, grown in an ecologically clean environment.

In the evening cruise menu, we will be served shrimps, soup, fried vegetables, fish in a sweet and sour sauce, spring rolls, fruit, and rice. Drinks will be charged separately.

On this page, you will also find programs with the tasting of the traditional Thai dish Khao Soi (Chiang Mai style noodle) or delicious fried chicken with spicy Thai herbs. Set out on the Chiang Mai River Cruise Tour and discover the new tastes of Chiang Mai!

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Chiang Mai River Cruise Tours

Chiang Mai River Cruise Tours

Chiang Mai River Cruise Tours

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