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Chiang Mai Trekking

Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Trek Chiang Mai

Trekking in the north of Thailand is one of the most popular entertainments. Going hiking in Chiang Mai is a great opportunity to explore the environs and admire the beautiful nature.

You can choose a 3-hour trip to the waterfalls, trekking combined with quad biking or rafting, or you can book a fantastic two-day tour with an exciting itinerary to satisfy your hunger for adventures.

Itinerary and prices

Chiang Mai Trekking

Chiang Mai Trekking


All Participants should be in reasonable physical condition. If you have a heart condition, back or neck problems, broken bones or are pregnant our actives are not suitable for you. If you're not sure or would like clarification please contact us. Suitable tours for children age 7 to 14 are ATV passenger, Rafting 8 Km. Trekking 3 Hrs. and Zipline.

Rafting 10 Km: Must be age 15 years or older and able to swim. Max Weight 120 KG. If over please advise. CE Helmets and Coast Guard Approved Life Jackets are provided for all Rafting Trips.

Rafting 8 Km: Must be age 7 years or older (Water level dependent: high water varies the most in July, August and September).

ATV Drivers: Age 15 years or older.

ATV Passengers: Must be age 7 years and older. Depending on the ability of the driver the passanger, maybe required to go with a guide.

Zipline: 7 years to 70 years of age. Weight limit of 120 KG or 260 LB. Please note we need to know in advance for weights that are above 100 Kg. Please advise us of your physical condition. Harness information: Waist size (Smallest 22 in 56 cm) (Largest 46 in 117 cm).

Camera info: For Rafting and ATVs we have GoPro mounts on the top of our helmets. You must bring the slider attachment. For rafting if you can't swim with it don't bring it. For all tours except rafting it's great to bring your camera. We take no responsibility for lost Cameras, GoPros or broken mounts. For rafting we offer a photo service for an extra charge.

Insurance: Please bring a copy or photocopy of passport for registration.

We recommend to take with you:

Changing clothes, swimsuits, sunscreen.

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