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Chiang Mai Zoo

Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Chiang Mai Zoo

If you ever find yourselves in the north of Thailand, you definitely must visit Chiang Mai Zoo. This is a wonderful place where dozens of unusual animals from Asia, Australia and Africa are collected. The zoo is divided into theme zones, the total length of the walking route is 3.7 km.

You can walk around the zoo or take a shuttle bus (20 THB) or rent a golf car (350 THB per an hour). At the entrance you can study the map of the zoo and the schedules of animal shows. You can choose any route if you are going to walk.

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packages in Chiang Mai Zoo

The main characters of the zoo

A panda - a very vulnerable mammal with a very low birth rate. It is estimated that only 2000 pandas are left in the wild nature. Pandas come from China. In 2003 the Chinese government gave two pandas to the Kingdom of Thailand for keeping and protection.

At present two pandas live in Chiang Mai Zoo in very comfortable conditions that were created especially for them - they have a big house with various objects for rest and entertainments. You can very often see pandas having a nap.

Africa’s fauna

Here you will meet tall giraffes, curious zebras, cautious donkeys, a pygmy hippo, ostriches, Cape Fur Seal (South African Fur Seal) and many other mammals.

Australia’s fauna

The main characters here: kangaroos, koalas, porcupines. The red kangaroo is used to the frequent attention of humans and if he is in a good mood, he will allow you to take pictures of him from a very close distance.

Asia’s fauna

Here you can see the representatives of the rich world of Asian animals: Small-clawed Otter (Aonyx cinerea), Hog Deer (Axis porcinus), Northern White-Cheeked Gibbon, Nomascus leucogenys, Lar Gibbon(White-handed Gibbon) (Hylobates lar), Yellow-headed Temple Turtle (Hieremys annandalii).

You can also see in Chiang Mai Zoo:

- a capybara - the largest roden in the world;

- an orangutan;

- wild cats: tigers, lions, a jaguar, a panther;

- reptiles: crocodiles, snakes, turtles;

- penguins and otters;

- a ring-tailed lemur;

- a sun bear and an asiatic black bear.

Chiang Mai Zoo

Nakornping Bird Park, Chiang Mai Zoo

At the entrance to the zoo you will be met by graceful pink flamingos. In the territory of the zoo there are all the comfortable natural conditions for keeping various birds: Flamingos, Spot-billed Pelican, Black Cockatoo, Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Black-Headed Ibis, Cockatiel ,Indian Peafowl, Helmeted Guineafowl.

The chirping of various kinds of birds creates lovely sounds that will remind you of a forest. This sweet birds’ singing helps to get rid of stress and relax.

Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium

A fascinating tunnel with excellent view - you can see and admire a lot of underwater creatures from all sides. The tunnel is divided into two parts - an aquarium with freshwater and another one with seawater. Here live carps, sharks, catfish, piranhas, arapaimas, skates, colorful Nemo fish and many others. Experience the new adventure in underwater tunnel with the wonderful diving trip. The activities you can try here are Snorkeling Explorer and Scuba Explorer.

Timetable of animal shows in the zoo:

Animal show: 11:00, 15:00.

Seal show: 10:30, 14:00.

* Show time may change as appropriate.

Other entertainments available in Chiang Mai Zoo

There is a number of entertainments available for extra charge in the zoo (not included in the price of the admission ticket).

YMAX Real 4D

This is especially equipped cinema with comfortable seats that will allow you to dive into the events happening on the screen and feel the “effect of presence”. Choose a 4D video and go on an unforgettable adventure.

Panda’s Snow Dome

The price for admission ticket: 150 THB per an adult and 100 THB per a child.

Visiting hours - 09:20 - 16:20. Each session lasts 35 minutes. There is a 5-minute’s break between the sessions.

Pandas come from highland China. The winter there is cold. Chiang Mai Zoo creates all the necessary conditions that imitate the weather of winter days in China.

In Snow Dome visitors can:

- take pictures on the background of sceneries which you won’t find anywhere in Thailand;

- experience real winter weather;

- ride the slides in special tubes;

- visit Eskimos house and have a glass of cold milk when the air temperature is -7C.

Zoo kids Zone

Zoo Kids Zone in Chiang Mai Zoo is the exhibition zone where cute animals are gathered for kids to learn about them. There are also some fun activities for children.

Zoo Kids Zone was improved and developed. There are buildings and premises for animals, rides, academic media and activities that are designed for kids that stimulate their imagination and encourage them to learn.

Zoo Kids Zone is divided into some parts: Globe Hall which is the entrance to the Zoo kids Zone. In this part, there are signs with animal information and the map of the Zoo Kids Zone, and Waterpark.


The price for admission ticket is 50 THB for an adult and 30 THB for a child.

After an exciting walk around the zoo, it is very nice to slide down right into the swimming pool and swim there. There is a spacious swimming pool with two water slides for kids and a lot of fountains.

You will need about 4 hours to see all the shows and walk around the territory of the park. If you want, you can spend more time here, even a whole day. If you want to have a meal, you can use the services of the food courts in the territory of the zoo. The cafe near the Panda’s House is a beautiful viewpoint with an amazing view over Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai Zoo Tours

Working hours: 08:00 - 17:00.

Location of Chiang Mai Zoo

The zoo is situated in a 15-20-minute’ ride from the Downtown, at the foot of Doi Suthep national reserve. You can get there by tuk-tuk (about 60 THB per a person), a big public bus (20 THB per a person), motorbike or taxi.

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