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One-day tours in Chiang Mai is a great opportunity to see the main sights of the city without getting too tired. You will find all the exciting places of Chiang Mai in this section.

Price List for tours in Chiang Mai
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Chiang Mai Zoo
Adult 295 THB Child 150 THB
Chiang Mai Zoo is one of the best places in Chiang Mai to spend holiday the whole family.
4.8 (2 reviews)
from 799 THB for 1 person
You can visit cages with giant, big and small white tigers from 3 months to 5 years old.
4.5 (0 reviews)
Chiang Mai Night Safari Zoo
Adult 100 THB Child 50 THB
The best Safari park to learn the life of the wild animals and watch the different show.
4.2 (0 reviews)
from 400 THB for 1 person
The biggest indoor drift karts in Chiang Mai.
4.2 (0 reviews)
Chiang Mai Art in Paradise
Adult 400 THB Child 200 THB
Art in Paradise in Chiang Mai is a huge gallery of three-dimensional paintings that occupy three floors.
4.1 (0 reviews)
Chiang Mai River Cruise
Adult 550 THB Child 275 THB
Book a cruise on a Thai national boat with a gorgeous dinner and enjoy sailing down the Mae Ping River.
4.2 (0 reviews)
from 1600 THB for 1 person
Be ready for big catch!
4.4 (0 reviews)
from 1600 THB for 1 person
There is a big choice of ATV tour options including hiking to the waterfall, rafting or zipline with different levels of difficulty.
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Chiang Mai Doi Suthep Tour
Adult 600 THB Child 300 THB
Doi Suthep is one of the main attractions of Chiang Mai.
4.8 (0 reviews)
Chiang Mai Elephant Tour
Adult 1500 THB Child 1200 THB
Here you will find a half-day, a one, two, or three-day tours, and even a 1 week volunteering in the elephant wildlife sanctuary.
4.8 (0 reviews)
Khantoke Dinner Chiang Mai and Show
Adult 580 THB Child 380 THB
Some of the brightest emotions in Chiang Mai you can receive from the show and the traditional Khantoke dinner at the Cultural Center of old Chiang Mai.
4.5 (0 reviews)
from 1600 THB for 1 person
You can see real jungles from the bird’s-eye view with Zipline Chiang Mai tour.
4.3 (0 reviews)
from 1600 THB for 1 person
This is a gastronomic adventure for those who are real connoisseurs of exotic cuisine.
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from 2500 THB for 1 person
On this page you can see the options for rafting tours in combination with quad biking, zipline or hiking to the waterfall.
4.4 (0 reviews)
from 2000 THB for 1 person
An instant adrenaline rush is guaranteed.
4.0 (0 reviews)
from 1100 THB for 1 person
We will be riding bicycles on the country roads along rice fields, orchards and beautiful ancient temples in small villages.
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Chiang Mai Cooking Class
from 800 THB for 1 person
There is a wonderful Cooking School with a free choice of dishes and even a vegetarian menu.
4.7 (0 reviews)
Adult 2000 THB Child 1500 THB
Trekking in the north of Thailand is one of the most popular entertainments.
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Chiang Mai Sightseein Tour
from 4999 THB for 1 person
Here are collected the most interesting one- and two-day sightseeing tours of Chiang Mai.
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One-Day Tours in Chiang Mai

If you have a free day, you should definitely spend it in Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is the city of wonderful temples and amazing places which you must explore. One day is 24 hours which is enough to do a lot of exciting things. Immerse yourselves into the culture of a different country and satisfy your curiosity by learning something new.

What can you see in Chiang Mai in one day?

Chiang Mai Bike Tours are one-day cycling tours with which you will learn more about the city and build your own routes. Fishing is a therapy for stress and a hobby for a soul. You can choose unique and exotic Fishing Tours. Go Kart Mai are one-day tours for an active holiday. You can learn cooking in one day or half day and then you will be able to surprise your family with unusual exotic meals.

During one day in Chiang Mai, we will visit incredibly beautiful temples, learn about the Thai culture and their rituals, go fishing, go cycling or take a walk around Safari Park.

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