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Chiang Mai temples and ancient buildings are not the only reason to visit this city. The nature of Northern Thailand is diverse and absolutely impressing - there are mountains and waterfalls and jungles. Extreme lovers can find all kinds of entertainments here.

Price List for tours in Chiang Mai
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The biggest indoor drift karts in Chiang Mai.
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There is a big choice of ATV tour options including hiking to the waterfall, rafting or zipline with different levels of difficulty.
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You can see real jungles from the bird’s-eye view with Zipline Chiang Mai tour.
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An instant adrenaline rush is guaranteed.
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On this page you can see the options for rafting tours in combination with quad biking, zipline or hiking to the waterfall.
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Extreme Tours in Chiang Mai

Mountain rivers create a perfect opportunity to do rafting. In Chiang Mai at the Mae Taeng river you can try white water rafting of III - IV level of difficulty with a route of 8 km or 10 km up to your choice. You will literally feel adrenaline rushing through your blood when rafting down the rapids of the mountain river surrounded by the thick greenery of the jungles.

Safety of the participants is the major priority, so, to begin with, you will go through a detailed briefing on safety measures and precautions. Professional instructors will accompany you during the rafting tour at all times.

You can choose a combined full-day extreme tour or a two-day tour which includes a walk to the waterfalls, quad biking and zipline activities. There are also more simplified tours suitable for a family holiday.

Would you like to see the jungles from the bird’s-eye view? Book Zipline Tour and go on an adventure in the very heart of the Chiang Mai jungle.

Many parks in Chiang Mai offer a variety of zipline tours of different difficulty levels - for beginners as well as for experienced guests. You will be moving among the tops of the tropical trees just like a Gibbon or a flying squirrel. You will be flying like an eagle!

You can choose a route of different difficulty levels with different number of platforms, spiral stairs and hanging bridges. You can book a half-day, one-day or two-day tours with more leisure activities including kayaking, hiking to the waterfall and to the cave and a visit to the elephant sanctuary.

For the bravest adrenaline-seekers we offer Bungy Jumping. You will jump down from 50-m height and feel the sensation of free falling. It will be an unforgettable experience!

Other extreme activities available in Chiang Mai - quad biking, buggies, trail bikes, paintball, drift karts.

If you love active holidays and extreme adventures, Chiang Mai is just the right place for you!

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