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Khantoke Dinner Chiang Mai and Show

Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Khantoke Dinner and Cultural Show Chiang Mai

Some of the brightest emotions in Chiang Mai you can receive from the show and the traditional Khantoke dinner at the Cultural Center of old Chiang Mai. Enjoy the unforgettable atmosphere and inimitable cuisine of northern Thailand. These performances began in 1953 and through the years they have developed into an incredible show. The gorgeous scenery, luxurious costumes, and stunning energy of the dancers will surely surprise you in the Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center. Come with friends and spend an extraordinary evening in Chiang Mai.

Red carpets, cozy atmosphere, waiters constantly bringing you more food, and harmonious dances – all this will bring you into a state of blissful ecstasy. You can choose from Vegetarian Food Menu, Halal Food Menu or Premium Food Menu whichever suits your taste best. The taste and quality of food are great.

Beautiful dance shows are accompanied by the sound of a classic live orchestra. Watching hypnotic national dances of candles, swords, and even fingers, you will be shocked by the magnificence of the show!

Itinerary and prices

Khantoke Dinner and Cultural Show


19:00 Coming to the Chiang Mai Cultural Center.

19:30 Dinner is served.

20:00 Start of traditional dance shows with the participation of the Thai classical orchestra.

21:00 You are invited to take part in the famous Rum Wong dance.

Kinds of dance performances

Khantoke Parade - Khantoke Parade is a welcome dance for guests.

War Dance - War Dance is a military dance to the sound of drums, which was performed in the ancient times.

Sword Dance - Sword Dance dance with sabers. This dance demonstrates how the Lanna people defended themselves with swords. It includes a harmonious combination of fast and smooth movements.

Nattayaranasiam - Nattayaranasiam is the dance of Thai fighting.

Sueng Ka-pho - Sueng Ka-pho is an exciting dance accompanied by the sound made with coconut shells. Ka-pho means coconut shell (Kala) used in northeastern Thailand.

Ram Wong - Ram Wong is the dance originated in the central countryside of Thailand at the beginning of XX century. This dance is not complicated, but it radiates the purity and cheerfulness of the people who lived in that area at those times.

Khantoke Dinner and Cultural Show

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