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What can be more pleasant than taking a walk around the evening city and feeling its ancient atmosphere, after a hot day of exciting adventures? You have already seen Chiang Mai at daytime, now we offer to reveal its night mysterious looks.

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The best Safari park to learn the life of the wild animals and watch the different show.
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Book a cruise on a Thai national boat with a gorgeous dinner and enjoy sailing down the Mae Ping River.
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Doi Suthep is one of the main attractions of Chiang Mai.
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Some of the brightest emotions in Chiang Mai you can receive from the show and the traditional Khantoke dinner at the Cultural Center of old Chiang Mai.
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Night Tours in Chiang Mai

Would you like to make your dinner unforgettable? Chiang Mai River Cruise is an opportunity to have a lovely evening with delicatessens and traditional dishes made by Thai cooks. Enjoy a fantastic sunset from board a ship.

Khantoke Dinner Chiang Mai and Show offers a lovely dinner and a cultural show. This is a show with fascinating dancing and unusual traditional costumes. The orchestra plays music which enchants you and immerses you into the history of the city.

Chiang Mai Night Safari Zoo is one of the most wonderful places. Children will be ecstatic. All exotic animals are gathered in one place. A day walk is nice, the park inhabitants are friendly. But everything changes at night. It is a wonderful opportunity - to watch the animals at night. Their night behavior is absolutely different than at daytime. If you like, you can spend the whole night in relaxing atmosphere of a cozy bungalow, watch an exciting show - a music fountain. Also we can offer the night tour to Doi Suthep national park, the most popular sight in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai is beautiful at any time of day and night, we will help to make sure of it.

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