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Weather in Chiang Mai

Weather in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is one of the most northern resorts in the Kingdom, so its climate differs from southern cities. Although the temperature during the day is not very different from Pattaya or Phuket, Chiang Mai is characterized by cool nights, which makes staying in the city more comfortable. In order to understand when it is better to go on vacation, we suggest learning more about the weather in Chiang Mai.

Winter weather in Chiang Mai

With the beginning of winter the weather conditions become the most favorable so the number of tourists increases. December is one of the coldest months in Chiang Mai with fresh days (the temperature is up to +28 degrees) and rather cool nights (up to +15 degrees). Rains are not typical for December, as it is one of the driest months of the year. When going on vacation at this time, do not forget to take light sweaters with you.

Despite the fact that January is the driest month in the province, the air here almost never warms up to more than +32 degrees during the day, most often the temperature is + 28-30 degrees. At night, the temperature can drop to + 16-18 degrees. The sun shines almost every day. In January the number of tourists in Chiang Mai reaches its maximum, which also affects the prices.

In February, the daily temperature significantly increases and sometimes rises to + 34- 35 degrees, but the nights are still cool (+ 18-19). Cloudiness in the sky is not observed, the sun shines throughout the day. The amount of precipitation in February is the lowest. February is a great time to visit the resort for families with children, as the weather conditions are the most favourable. The winds for this month are also not typical. The tourist flow remains high, so when planning a trip, it is better to book a hotel in advance, as it will be rather difficult to find a free room upon arrival.

Spring weather in Chiang Mai

In the spring the temperature continues to grow (about +35-37 degrees during the day). Nights at this time become more comfortable, because the air temperature increases to + 20-22 degrees. In March it can rain only once and not always. Winds usually do not happen.

April is the hottest month in Chiang Mai. Almost all days are sunny, cloudiness is rare. The sun shines all day and warms the air to + 37-39 degrees. Night temperature drops to +24, bringing coolness and making your stay in the city comfortable. This is not the ideal time to travel to the resort with children. Visiting local attractions is better either in the morning or in the afternoon. Clouds start gathering over Chiang Mai, which sometimes leads to rains. But, as a rule, the rains are short-term, everything dries out in 1-2 hours after a rain.

In May, the day is still hot and only after sunset comes the long-awaited coolness. The average daily temperature remains at +37 degrees. The number of cloudy days increases. There are about 15-16 rainfalls per month. It rains mostly at night, so rains don’t bring much discomfort for tourists.

Summer weather in Chiang Mai

In June, the rainy season continues to dominate in Chiang Mai, but the air temperature starts to decrease. The average daily temperature is about +33 degrees, at night + 23-25. Rainfall increases: it rains not only during the day, but also at night. The weather in this month is changeable, so the rest becomes less comfortable.

The amount of rains in July continues to increase (about 19 rainy days per month). Almost all the time clouds are gathering over the city. During the day it is quite warm (up to +32), at night it is cooler - up to + 24 degrees. The number of tourists in July is much fewer, that causes the decline of prices for many services. Cloudy days continue to prevail over sunny ones. Theoretically, you can come to Chiang Mai in July, you only need to take care of a good comfortable hotel, where you can spend your leisure time if it rains heavily outside.

In August, the rains continue to fall, their number is still increasing (about 21 rainy days.) Temperature does not differ much from the previous month. August is considered the worst month to visit the city, as heavy rains can spoil the sightseeing.

Autumn weather in Chiang Mai

In September it is the peak of the rainy season in Chiang Mai. The sky is almost always cloudy and there are about 17 rainy days per month. In the daytime it is quite warm (+32 degrees) after sunset the temperature goes down and keeps at +22 (sometimes it is even cooler).

In October the rainy season ends. Rains occur the first 10-15 days. After the 15th day of the month sunny weather returns and nature comes to life. It becomes cooler, especially at night, when the air is about +20 degrees. In October, the tourist season in Chiang Mai starts again.

In November, there are only few rainy days. The air temperature continues to fall down. At night, it drops to + 18- + 19 degrees and in the afternoon it is kept at around +30. Rainy days are rare, a maximum is 6 times per month.

As you can see, Chiang Mai has dry and rainy seasons like other resorts of Thailand. It is better to come to the resort between the end of October and April. At this time, the weather is considered the most favorable. But the rains are not as intense as in the southern provinces of the country, so you can visit it almost any time. The only exception is August and September. During these months, the rainy season is at the peak of its activity and rains can spoil your vacation. If you like the heat, then you can visit Chiang Mai in the spring months. If you want a cooler time, then you should come to the resort in winter. Choose the most favorable trip time for yourself and go for new discoveries and adventures!

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